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Flameworked Borosilicate Glass Feathered Friends

Name: Egyptian Firebird
Flamed by: Karl
Dimensions: 5.0" Tall, 4.50" Wide w/ 1.75" Base
Price: $350.00
Description: Sierra the Egyptian Firebird Sculpture. Made of solid Borosilicate glass, this truly one-of-a-kind work of glass art was born from the flame after hours of melting, twisting, bending, shaping and finally annealing. The result? Sierra... an absolutely gorgeous boro sculpture with colors that just jump out at you! All mounted on a very ornate hand fired, raked and hobnailed base of half clear and half color...Wow! Definately one of my best sculptured flamework pieces yet, and a must have. Read Sierra's Story of Ancient Origins! Perfect for any art collection, gift, desktop paper weight or glass art showcase!
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