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What is Thai Silver?

In Thailand there is a group of tribal people most commonly referred to as the Hilltribe or Karen people. Most of these groups were nomadic people who over the last 500-1000 years have made their way from as far north as Tibet and have all but settled in the north of Thailand. Each group has developed their own style of dress, dance, food, and art along the way. Presently, most of the hill tribe people make a living by either agriculture or by making and selling their unique style of handicrafts. Silversmithing is one of their most famous styles of expression.
The unique craftsmanship of the Karen Hilltribe People of Northern Thailand is unsurpassed in uniqueness and artistic expression. The silver content is higher than regular Sterling, over 92.5%, true of almost all the silver produced in the Chiang Mai region.
Each piece is handmade one-by-one with primitive tools in the way they have been done by their ancestors centuries ago, resulting in unique masterpieces of silver art. Each silver piece represents centuries old Karen culture and art; often engraved with plant, animal, or geometric design which symbolize their relationship with Lord of Land and Water.
Karen Tribal Silver is highly sought after worldwide. It has tremendous appeal that is beautiful, fun, and the highest of quality.