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 5 Fish Sterling Silver Bangle

  $19.00     (shipping included)

Sorry, Temporarily Sold Out.

The 5 Fish Sterling Bangle is a super way to go with our boro beads. Simply unscrew on of the ball-ends, add your beads and screw the ball back on! When I use these, I use Bond 527 Cement glue to permanently attach the ball (a little dab on the threads before you add the ball is all you need) and you've got a permanent design! If you like to change your beads, you can omit the glue step and switch your beads whenever the moment moves you! I love this bangle style, it's so easy to wear...just slips on easily but doesn't come off until you're ready for it. Fits most, it has enough play in the bend that it can be "squeezed" tighter for a smaller wrist or "pulled out" for a little more room.
The particulars...they are Sterling, 12 gauge wire (2mm) and by far the best quality I have used in this style. I have bought from several vendors....many of the bangles that you see on the market (at a cheaper price) are hollow and not nearly as strong as these. These are SOLID Sterling, very sturdy and well made. We create our lampwork beads on a 3/32 mandrel and they fit perfectly on this 12 gauge base.

If you decide to add accent beads (non-lampwork) to your bangle, they will need to have a 2mm hole to fit. I have found that High-Fired Greek Ceramics, Bone and Sterling (Bali and Thai)beads easier to find than stones with this hole size. I buy most of my beads via bulk buys and at bead shows so it's a matter of just grabbing them when you can. Unfortunately, we will not be carrying silver beads (gosh, I can't take on another item to process through shipping!) but you CAN find these beads through several vendors, eBay sellers and at bead shows.

We are selling these slightly over cost so we will not be able to include them in our wholesale discounts. We are listing them simply because I was receiving DAILY emails asking where to find them (and my fingers are getting tired writing back to everyone! LOL!)...it's just easier to offer them here so you can pick them up along with your lampwork beads. Have fun with these, they are so versatile with a zillion design possibilities!

Mesopotamian Magic by Krista Tseu
Here is an example of the posibilites! (Sorry, Beads Not Included)

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