Some Wonderful Comments from our Valued Customers!
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Here's some feedback from our wonderful customers... it is because of all of you that we are able to provide this business and keep producing our glass art & jewelry designs. If you would like to see our eBay feedback, click here.

Thanks to all of you! ~ 5Fish

Dear 5fishdesigns,
Karl and Krista, I'm not sure which of you exactly made this set, but to both of you, I'm quite sure...WHAT TALENT!!! This set is EXQUISITELY GORGEOUS!!! I'm getting ready to pay for a second set I won from you, ("Exotic Find"), and cannot wait to get that set. I also went to your website and purchased a set of your Earthly Elements spacers to go along with. I couldn't stay away from your website, it was TOO addictive. You BOTH have a tremendous talent and should be very proud. I will definately be "bragging" about your pieces, and your work, and where I got them, be assured. ...a DEVOTED customer! Have a GREAT weekend!!! Sincerely, Pamala
Received my order in Alaska today. wow! These are beautiful! I do glass fusing for a living but sure wish I had the talent to do these beads! I immediately took them out of the package and put 3 big and 2 small on a sterling neckwire I was wearing.

Thank you! Very nice work!


Wow.  Well, I did my search for 'Murano' on Ebay and was casually strolling through the 30 or so pages... and came upon the first of your listings. Your creations are -- to use a much over-worked word -- AWESOME!  Now that I've seen yours, the rest are just Kmart.   Guess I'll have to start saving my pennies... Keep up the amazing work!


Hi Krista,

I received today the tapestry swirls bead, it’s absolutely gorgeous! Pictures don’t do it justice. The 3D design is amazing.Thank you so much!
I will be looking forward to your other creations.

Best regards,
Anatol I.

Dear Krista and Karl,

I received two packages yesterday from 5 Fish Designs...and opened them to reveal some of the most absolutely incredible beads I've ever laid eyes on...I am so thrilled with your gorgeous beads...they are truly works of art...thank you SO MUCH!!!  And thank you, too, for the unexpected "treats"...the boro bead is a wonderful compliment to the Evolution focal bead, and the earrings are just perfect with the was so kind of you to include them!  The Evolution bead is extraordinary in its depth and richness of colors and the bracelet is amazing...the beads are each so unique and special, and the design is stunning...I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!  You now have yet another devoted 5 Fish Designs customer...I look forward to more of your beautiful work in the future!!
Thanks again,

Hi Krista:

My Winter Pink bracelet arrived today, and I love it, love it, love it! It is gorgeous! The colours are lovely. I especially like the flower bead, and the pink and white spirals. The spirals almost look like Christmas candy! It fits like a dream. I am thrilled with it! Your designs are so unique and interesting.

Thank you so much!!

Take care,

Susan L.


Hi Krista,

Yesterday I received the bracelet, and the gorgeous matching earrings you sent gratis, and am beyond thrilled! To say that I am enchanted and much enamored with the items would be an understatement. The bracelet and earrings (from the beautiful boro beads to the impeccable design and craftsmanship of the silver work) exude creativity, elegance, and superb attention to detail. You and Karl are such talented individuals. Despite having looked everywhere from specialty boutiques to artist fairs and festivals in San Diego and Laguna Niguel, I am hard-pressed to name another artist who produces jewelry and lampwork beads of such beauty and impressive quality. I have always been fond of art of this nature and your pieces remind me of my honeymoon in Florence and Venice where I was dazzled by all the Venetian glass and original handcrafted art. Of course, I had to wear the bracelet and earrings to work today and have already received numerous compliments. I really appreciate the time and care you took in helping me with my order and note that even the packaging in which the bracelet and earrings arrived (adorned with adorable 5 Fish and Sealed with a Fish stamps and filled with handy business cards and a pen) was just as inspired! Thank you!


Hi Krista,

My Beauty arrived yesterday! Not enough words to describe how FABULOUS it is!!!!!!You really outdid yourself. I am so glad I finally saw one of these spectacular beads before it was sold. You have made some really lovely ones! And, thank you too, for the beautiful boro bead. I also have a nice collection of the pens that you send! Thanks for all. As usual, you have a fan in me, and all of your beads are treasured!

You and your family have a lovely week end. Hopefully, I will be talking with you again soon.

Thanks again, Krista.


I received my bracelet with bonus earrings! They are both beautiful. I was in Guam and returned home yesterday to find my package waiting for me at the post office, needless to say I am wearing the bracelet and earrings today, I have already had many compliments on both. I'm already thinking of what to wear tomorrow so I can wear both pieces again!

Thank you,
Nanette F.

Hi Krista,

The most beautiful beads were waiting for me when I got home last night.
They are the best I have ever seen. I kept on admiring them all evening long and they remind me of rainbow trouts under a clear stream. I just LOVE them. Thanks for the extra beads also. Just for my future reference, are the two small ones at the end your "Carmerillo" spacers or something else??

Shirley H.

Hello Folks,

I am delighted with my bracelet. It is beautiful, a perfect fit, and exceeds any expectations. The earrings are a surprise bonus and perfect accents to the bracelet. Your work truly is "wearable art". Thank you so much for " going the extra mile". It is greatly appreciated!!! I intend to be a repeat customer . (I am hooked on 5 Fish). lol.

Hope you are enjoying you trip. Thank you again...Dolores

The bracelet I bought from you recently arrived and I have already worn it a number of times.  It is just gorgeous and feels wonderful on my wrist.

THANK YOU SO MUCH and please continue to make these beautiful works of art.

Josie E.

I wish you continued success in your husband and wife endeavor. I cite you and Karl as the best example of Lamp Work that I am aware of. I am always searching for new and innovative glass work. I always come back to your site.
Patricia Z.
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Dear Karl & Krista
I recently returned from a 2 week holiday to South Africa to find the bracelets I ordered from you had arrived. They are stunning and I am really happy with my purchase. There is only one problem. The one bracelet was intended as a gift, but now I really cannot decide which one to keep and which one to give away! The earrings also came as a pleasant surprise.
Thank you so much.
Elizabeth P.

I just received my Perian Palace and all I can say is OH! OH! OH!
I bought all of my beads in order to eventually make jewelry and sell it.
How on earth can I let any of my beads go? I can't!

Once again, 5Fish has outdone itself. Thanks so much to you and Karl for such exquisite work. I am so thrilled.

C. Moore

Just wanted to let you know I received everything last week. I'm blown away again by how much prettier your work is in person than in photographs. I love the metallic sparkle look of the Cosmic Serpents, and how much depth there is in Winding Upward, Dejavu, and Mystic Rhythms that doesn't come across in the photos. And I don't know how I could have been the only one bidding on the Cosmic Sparkle, but I'm certainly not complaining! Thanks also for the bonus treats! I work a lot in earth tones and can definitely put those to use. I'm very very pleased again with all of your and Karl's work and am always looking forward to seeing new pieces. Hope you had a great holiday!

Valerie S.

Hi Krista and Karl,
These beautiful bracelets have arrived safe and sound. They are exquisite additions to my collection. The boro beads are magical. I am so pleased to have them. I continue to watch your Website and hope to have more of your fabulous art work. It is a real pleasure doing business with you. Thank you so much. Have a pleasant weekend.

Dear Krista & Karl:
I received my “small fortune” boro bracelet yesterday…what a beautiful work of art! I wore it all evening, even though it didn’t go with my outfit! Also, thank you so very much for including matching earrings. What a nice surprise! Today we’re going to an arts festival & I plan to wear my new pieces with blue jeans & crisp white shirt!

I will be a repeat customer!

Kellie (KJ) B.


I'm back to school so wow am I busy! I received my bracelet, pendant, AND earrings from you. What a fabulous set! I appreciate you so much. I've already got a lot of compliments. Talk to you soon.

Paula P.

Hello Krista,

Wow!! I just received my bracelet and beads in the mail that I bought from your website. Your (and your husband's) bead work and bracelets, etc. are simply beautiful! I'm very happy with my bracelet and beads, and hope to buy more from you in the future.

Carla H.

Hi Krista and Karl,
This beauty has arrived safe and sound. It is a wonderful blend of colors. The lampwork is truly beautiful. I also appreciate the detailed description of what else is on the bracelet. That is part of what makes these so special to me. You are real artists, that give an art love the opportunity to wear her art. Have a pleasant autumn weekend.

I wanted to let you know that your beads arrived today. I am thrilled with them. It's always so difficult to discern quality from online photo's, so this was a great treat! I'm drooling over many things on your site, so I'm sure you will hear from me again, soon. :)
thanks so much,

I voted, but I wanted to tell you that the beautiful bead I won now has a new home with a really good friend.  I am making some necklaces to sell for our local garden club to raise money for our community.   I let some of my friends preview and the necklace with Karl's bead sold first!  Thanks so very much!

The proceeds will be used for landscaping for our new Civic Center!

Thanks sooooooooo much! ;>)

Hi Krista,
Just saw your entry to Corina's Challenge. All I have to say is WOW! Absolutely stunning. Congratulations. I love it when you can take a simple idea and turn it into something spectacular. Your bead makes me slap my head and ask myself why I never thought of that! You obviously have what it takes!!


I won the two auctions that I felt I couldn't live without, so I'm happy! But I just looked at all the new beads you are auctioning and I have another long list of "must haves." I love the floral beads you posted! You just keep doing such amazing things!!! I think that is one thing I really like about the things you and Karl have a huge variety in your creations and your work is different than the "norm." You have a certain style, but within that style, you have incredible variety and you're always expanding and trying new things. I would LOVE to just sit and watch you to see how you do it! Both of you are just fantastic artists! I think it is really cool that you both love working with glass. But I also think it's great that you each have your own style. You compliment each other so well! I certainly get a lot of enjoyment from your creations!

Take care,

Hello Krista,

Yesterday we received Katie's Ocean Breeze by post in good order. I did not expect it to arrive so soon! I was really surprised.  The necklace is absolutely beautiful, I am very pleased with it.
I have already worn it to a party, many eyes were looking at it.  Rick and I have travelled a number of times to the Carribean and wearing the Ocean Breeze brings back memories to the days we spent there!  Beautiful blue seawater and warm weather, while it is cold and wet in Holland at this moment.  I will wear it very often!!!

Now it is my turn to say that the Ocean Breeze looks well on Nan.  The both of you did a good job on creating it!   We browsed through your website a number of times and it seems that you and your husband spend a great deal of the time on the hobby.   It must be more than a hobby by now for the both of you.  Is the photography of the items Karl's job?   It's very well done.  Who chooses the names of the items, they are very original.

Greetings from both of us, bye, bye, take care,


I wanted to let you know that the beads I bought from you guys arrived today and they so completely exceed my expectations, I'm absolutely thrilled with them! I love your work...both of you are so talented and you really amaze me. Thank you so much for the extra beads and the beautiful spacers too. I appreciate your work and your generosity! Hope you and your family have a great 4th of July holiday.

Take care,
R. Bond


I took a look at your site, and blow me down! Love your designs!
Your partnership brings many talents together in a wonderful blend!
I look forward to the beads to see what I can come up with.

Take care,


Hi Krista,

I got the beads today and they are wonderful and I really like the bonus bead, its lovely, your doing a great job, these type of beads are pretty cool! Left you feedback just a minute ago. Thank you for the wonderful beads, its always a pleasure to buy from you. Hope you have a good week and I'm sure you'll see me pop up again soon! :) Take Care!


Krista... heading off to pack for my move: You're the first to see it and rightfully so! I'm very please in how this turned out! Thanks so- much for donating your time and beads to a wonderful cause!


Hi Krista:
The beads arrived today and they're great! Thank you also for the lovely focal - how nice of you! I will keep in touch and maybe we can do another set soon - mattes or something. Thank you again,


Hi Krista & Karl,

All of the beads have arrived---the Venice Dreamer, the Kentucky Rain,
the Star Struck and the lovely bonus bead.
They are GORGEOUS!!!!!! You are extremely talented and great
designers. I will continue to watch for your beads.

Thank you so much for everything.



Hi Krista,

Wow, you are thorough! Thanks a bunch - that is really good thing to know. It makes me feel good as a buyer to know that you do your utmost to ensure your customers are happy. To me it shows that you strive to excel in ALL things - from making & creating the beads, to customer service, to packaging them, and all the other little things that we, as buyers don't know about. That is rare to find these days. So, a big THANKS!!!
Have a wonderful weekend! The best to you and all the other fishies,

I am looking forward to some serious designing with this new beauty! I love your creations on your web page. Keep up the good work. I will check in with e-bay and your web site regularly. If I can figure out how to use my new digital camera I'll try to send you a pic of the finished piece.
Thanks again.

Karl and Krista,
Thanks for bringing another dimension of your talents to your buying public. Your presentation of the Sea Turtle as a pendant is appealing, yet exceedingly dynamic, in it's simplicity. These are breathtakingly beautiful and I cannot wait to add them to my collection of beads.


My beads arrived yesterday and they are gorgeous! The new blues is fantastic! Wonderful colors!

I love all of my new beads!


I didn't know until now that you have a website. That's great. I love that you have a picture of the Vectra focal on your homepage. (I bought it. Haven't made anything with it yet.) By the way, I have been VERY happy with the beads that I've bought from you on ebay.


Hi Krista,

I rec'd my beads today and I just love them all! Rose Red is wonderful and well as Color Wave, I love the flowers in these beads! I really like your spacers too and thank you for the great long focal bead, its pretty cool! Natural High & Eternal Chi are great too. I've been checking out your website and there is a fabulous necklace I really like the "Crown Jewels of Seattle" you did a wonderful job on it, the beads are great! Happy New Year and thank you for the wonderful beads!


Hi - Just wanted you to know I received the beads and they are all wonderful - as usual. I really appreciate the extras! Best wishes for a joyful and peaceful 2007.


I love your beads...they are gorgeous! Thanks so much, and have a wonderful holiday!

- Bobbi

Really neat jewelry! I love it that you have your own unique style and that they are so pretty too.
Best wishes!


Wow...I got the greatest box in the mail yesterday when I finally got home from class last night (it was snowing again) and I am in creative heaven...I LOVE everything! They are gorgeous...I really like the color combination...purple is my favorite color and it looks so wonderful with that golden wheat color.


Just wanted you to know that I received the great beads today. Thank you for the quick shipping and especially the bonus bead. It was a very nice surprise. Happy Holidays.


I just want you to know that I honestly feel you have the most beautiful lampwork bead sets out there on ebay. They are breath taking. I really mean that. I was reading about you two under the description and what you say about design and detail really shows in your work. I am so impressed. I am bidding on all of your sets. Congratulations on your work!


Oh, Krista,
I am speechless....[well, not quite, obviously....]
Beautiful. Gorgeous. Enchanting. Scintillating. Sparkly. Wonderful.
And then...
On top of all that....
A gift from you of earrings to match.
That is such a wonderous thing. And so very appreciated. Thank you for
sharing your glorious creation.


…I just got the beads today - and the Liquid Wax one is just so gorgeous! Thanks for the bonus beads, too! All of the beads are magnificent, and I can't wait till I'm finished with the holiday jewelry so I can play with them.


I just wanted to let you know I received your beads and they are beautiful!!. Thank you for your generosity in sending the extra focal beads. They were great!. I cannot want to create a few pieces of jewelry. Thanks for your generosity and beautifully created beads. I have checked out the websites you added to my posts. What creativity!!! I will be keeping an eye on your ebay auctions and hope to be talking with you soon! It has been a pleasure doing business with you!!!
Blessed Thanksgiving!!


Hi again. Just wanted to let you know I've never seen a lampwork bead so beautiful. This is really an amazing piece of work. Thank you so much for the bonus bead! That was really nice of you.


Hi Krista!

I just got back from my trip late yesterday & my beads were here waiting for me! As usual, they are excellent!!! I will have lots of fun with them......



I got your beads. They are BEAUTIFUL. Thank you….

Have a nice day.

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